Never Surrender Dreams

walkmanToday has been a really interesting day! Asked Oxfam music if they had any personal cassette players kicking around and was shocked and surprised to discover that they has this absolute beauty stashed away in the back, broken, unused and unloved.

For those who don’t recognise it, this is a Sony Walkman. Specifically, THE original walkman.

I decided that I had to get it, and took it home gleefully. Several hours later of fiddling, transplanting and a lot of figuring out what was wrong with it, I now have it up and running smoothly!

Old tech is gorgeous, and I feel really privileged to own this piece of history and to put it to good use (what, you want me to let it rot away in a display cabinet? No thanks)!

The next thing I need to do now is complete my funding campaign so I can put my own releases into my ears and dance around in an epic display of childhood wish-fulfilment!

The moral? Sometimes you realise that you have super powers. Turns out that one of mine is bringing the dead back to life 😛