Inside. Inside I am screaming.


Inside I am screaming.

Like a wall of feelings swelling behind silent glass, my thoughts burst in any direction they can.

A slow direction, billowing out at speeds I can barely describe.


The other (now this),

And many thoughts

Orbit my mind like planets:-

Small from a distance, yet immensely huge when viewed with human eyes.

And I am trapped.

I am a globe of thoughts that pulse, ebb, flow and disappear.

Every word and sentence flows by me like water, unable to isolate

But a single particle. Not one piece of water,

But a multitude of water – embodied – but undefined in shape.

If I pause, it is with uncertainty.

Thoughts will flow between my fingers;

Shrink from view.


Inside I am screaming.

Again, I must remind myself of how words are formed.

Liquid that becomes solid, and solid that becomes gas,

Choking me like a lurid smog.

Every degree of colour that infects me

with beauty, with tears, with wonder, and is gone.

Nothing of substance, yet everything that is.


Inside I am screaming.