Pre Nine Worlds 2014 Schedule & Update


Things have been really gearing up over the past few days in the lead up to Nine Worlds 2014. I took up acoustic guitar again, ready to take to the stage with as full a sound as I can get out of one instrument and my voice. In the process I broke a nail (specifically, my right thumbnail. Repeatedly) and developed calluses that anyone touching my fingers would notice. Excellent stuff. Also painful. there was blood.

I’m writing this update without my glasses at the moment, as I’m re-dying my hair. You just know shit got serious when I recolour my hair for a gig.

Last year, Nine Worlds was fantastic- a non-stop rush of panic and glee as I stepped into possibly the UK’s best con/geekfest giving way only to utter exhaustion at the end of three amazing days. This year I expect it’ll be even better.

To recap, I was involved in two panels and performed at the BiFröst event. Even thinking about it now makes me so happy, it was the event of the year, even though I didn’t realise that until I’d been there. If you’re on the fence about going, I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Again, I’ll be doing panels and performing at the BiFröst, so expect a plethora of new, original material as well as a couple of covers! I don’t often do covers, but I thought at the convention is very much about fandoms, I’d bring a special song or two by artists I love. Hopefully you’ll love them too!

Here’s the rundown for my schedule, thus so far (I might be joining in one more panel at last minute):

Friday 8th August:

Sex in Games – with the Geek Feminism track [PANEL]
8:30pm until 9:45pm
Room: Royal B

“Whatever your stance on the matter, there’s no denying sex is a pretty big part of our culture, and any game that tackles the subject of sex is “clearly more mature and an example of the progression of the industry” … or, is it? Our panel will be discussing the portrayals of sex and sexuality in games, from the good to the bad to the downright bizarre.” With Cara Ellison, Meg Jayanth, Gemma Thomson & Laura Buttrick.
Saturday 9th August:

Game Police vs. Indies [PANEL]
11:45am until 1:00pm
Room: Royal C&D

“Video games are still a rapidly evolving medium which are trying to find themselves within the wider cultural context. And in such a medium, packed with talented people who are constantly pushing the limits of what games can be, is it even possible to say what a game is any more? Of course it is. According to the Game Police, anyway! Come see them take the indies who dare to create “things which are not games” to task!”

Wouldn’t It Be Cool If… [PANEL]
3:15pm until 4:30pm
Room: Connaught B

“What are the stories we just don’t get enough of? The characters we’d fall in love with if only someone would create them? From TV shows pitched in tumblr tags to gifsets from imaginary films, fandom is bursting with ideas for the awesome, diverse media we dream of having. Join a panel of creators and fans to talk about the best shows, films, books and games that never were – and pitch your own.” With Roz Kaveney, Amal El-Mohtar & Cleo.

Bifröst! Queer Cabaret & Rock Party [PERFORMANCE]
8:00pm until 12:00pm
Room: Commonwealth

“Featuring Elaine Scattermoon, Amal El-Mohtar, Sally Outen, The Dykeness, Sebastienne Stardust, Maki Yamazaki and Lashings of Ginger Beer Time. Named for the shimmering, burning rainbow bridge of Norse legend, Bifröst is an unforgettable night of glitter, rock, and fabulosity. Kicking off in Commonwealth with the cabaret, we’ll move over to Connaught afterwards for All The Dancing, led by our brave captain DJ Ruth Pearce.”

~ Please excuse me whilst I go rub up against a wall or something and rinse the dye out so that I can see again. Hope to catch you there and remember to bring clean underwear! Maki x