My Name is Tara Sue


Your name is Tara Sue. You are 25 and you work in an office.
Admittedly, your life could stand to get a little more interesting.

MNiTS is a completely free browser-based game by Maki Yamazaki about love, life, death and… Working in an office? With ten different endings and a vast array of choices to make, what path will you chose?

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Story & Art: Maki Yamazaki
Copy Editing: Nome Farmer
CSS & HTML: Maki Yamazaki
Language: English
Released: 2013.Jul.13
License: Creative Commons (more information)
Development System: Twine


Praise for My Name is Tara Sue


“A gem of a text-based adventure game”

“Captures a wonderful thought process that really helps you be in the characters shoes.”

“I could sit here and compliment and play this all day”

“My whole campaign for game and narrative – narrative that fits and isn’t dissonant – starts here. This is my crowning jewel – The thing that I’m going to compare everything else against now, because the plot was wonderful. [MNiTS] shows that you can have an arching plot with choice which does not have to revolve around forcing the player.”

“Captures human emotion perfectly”

– Hydria, Youtube [WARNING: spoilers]

“My Name Is Tara Sue is a piece of interactive fiction that is great in its simplicity. Blending the mundane aspects of office work with something stranger afoot, it’s got a great hook that will have you playing it a few times, just to see if you can figure some more out.”

– Jenni Goodchild, indie HAVEN

“… an interesting game with clever narrative clues”

“The writing is good, and the attention to design is appreciated: many web-text games feel a bit overwhelming, but the author has condensed and laid-out the type in a way that invites reading and experimenting.”

– Streever, The Interactive Fiction Database

“…a great example of form marrying content, as seen in classic print literature.”

-Gdraper, Electronic Literature


License Information

Creative Commons License

My Name is Tara Sue by Maki Yamazaki is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available here.